When lightness and performance meet iconic products


Comfortness and versatility for different grounds and long distances


Driveability linked with great resistance to the most demanding applications

Find your perfect saddle

Finding the right saddle in now simpler than ever. To do so, Selle San Marco, together with its own technicians, bio-mechanical engineers and relevant experts, has designed and developed the innovative DiMa SELECTOR.


A line to which all that has been achieved from years of experience in the bicycle world inspires a selected number of evergreen saddles. A taste of retro meets modern design for the ever-changing life of cycling and the importance of essential details. A selection of Selle San Marco icons that embody the history of cycling. The comfort and guarantee of the traditionally-shaped saddles. The legacy of a masterpiece.

What type of cyclist are you?


My bike reflects me and when I ride it, we are the same thing. The effort? It is part of the game, but I will arrive to the top…and with a smile!



The feeling of freedom that I feel discovering new places with my bike is priceless. The secret? Recharging the energy maybe also with my cyclists friends.



Looking at my bike, I get excited. It is unique and iconic. It is the simple union between style, quality and italian taste.



Certainly, with my bike, I can move easily without any traffic or parking issues but, above all, I give my small contribution to the defense of the environment ... drive less and ride more!


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