22 October 2019


The Bottega collection includes all the top models by Selle San Marco, a company firmly tied to its classic roots.

In the 2020 catalogue, this line of saddles will feature five new macro categories:

Le Classiche

Le Bianche

Le Ricamate

Le Rino

Le Ecologiche

BOTTEGA has always been the line of saddles that not only meets all the criteria for comfort and durability, but also transforms style into shape to preserve all the historic class and elegance of Selle San Marco. This collection maintains its iconic status, while still adapting to meet the demands of cyclists in the 21st century, through an almost obsessive attention to detail, fine materials and unique finishing touches. Each one of the macro categories offers distinctive features related to the primary material that goes into the coverings of the emblematic Concor Supercorsa, Regal, Regal evo and Rolls models.

Le Classiche saddles are covered in soft and resistant 0.7 mm-thick black calfskin.

Le Bianche are covered in antiperspirant and resistant white microfibre.

Le Ricamate are covered in our classic, honey-coloured calfskin and decorated with contrasting beige threaded embroidery, which lends the saddles character and a distinctive style.

Le Rino comes with engraved natural suede calfskin that is soft to the touch and offers excellent grip and resistance.

Selle San Marco doesn’t just want to revamp our ‘vintage’ line by adding impressive materials and details; were also committed to sustaining the environment, an idea that has never been more urgent and relevant as it is in this particular time in history.

This is why all the models in the BOTTEGA Collection are also offered under a category of products labelled “le Ecologiche”, in which the cover materials are made with 50% natural jute and 50% recycled PET plastic bottles (for an equivalent of 2 plastic bottles for each saddle).

All this makes for a product that is breathable, strong, durable and above all, ECOLOGICAL.

It’s a small step towards a sustainable future.