Hello, everyone,

My name is Alessandro Mottola and I am a bio mechanic technician by trade. I live in Trentino, Italy, where I have established a company called “Ciclismo Tecnico”. It is the first biomechanical centre in the Region specialized in cycling. Every year I help more than 300 athletes, but my first client was actually me. In fact, I started this job out of personal necessity. After a terrible car accident, I couldn’t pedal on my bike like before. One of my legs was very painful and, even though I did all sorts of tests and had lots of doctors’ appointments, I couldn’t solve the problem. I spent a lot of time studying and researching Bio-mechanics. At first it was just a means to resolve my issues; then eventually the subject turned into my profession.

Over the course of my decades of experience I have worked with more than 5000 athletes. I have pointed out to all my clients that with biomechanics it is the bicycle that is adapted to the person, not the other way around. After buying a new bike it is important to understand one’s own physical anthropometry, posture and riding style. In order to be able to enjoy a perfectly relaxing ride, it is essential to take a Biomechanical Control test, to measure an optimal individual alignment within millimetres. All the values in the test are then used to choose the various components of the bicycle and calibrate them with precision.

As part of this process, it is fundamentally important to choose a saddle most suited to one’s individual physical build.

60 to 70% of cases in which riders experience pain or discomfort during or after a ride can be caused by the wrong type of saddle.

However, we know that in order to ride in complete comfort you have to have the right saddle, but that isn’t enough. In fact, our experience has shown that the benefits of choosing the right saddle can be cancelled out by an incorrect position on the bike. So there has to be consistency between one’s position on the saddle and the choice of the product. If this coordination isn’t there, some possible problems can include:

– Between 1000 and 2000 km per year, the body doesn’t tend to memorize the incorrect position on the bike.

– Between 2000 and 5000 km per year, an incorrect position on the bike can cause significant physical discomfort

– More than 5000 Km per year, the consequences of an incorrect position could cause serious problems

When I perform tests on my clients, I use Selle San Marco products.

I started collaborating with Selle San Marco several years ago. Even before I became a bio mechanic, I already appreciated this brand, especially the Aspide model. Not only is it a highly performing saddle; in my opinion it was simply the best, even in terms of aesthetics.

Here’s some advice for all cyclists. Do not underestimate any physical aches you experience while riding. You really only need a few targeted adjustments to ride perfectly comfortably, so that you can enjoy this fantastic sport even more.