Hi everyone,

My name is Alessandro Tonello and I’m a huge sports fan. I did Alpine skiing competitively for many years. However, after the birth of my son I couldn’t pursue this sport any more, but thanks to a biker friend of mine I started riding bikes. I have to say that thanks to him a whole new world opened up to me, one where I always love to put myself to the test and try to overcome my limits. Anyway, ever since I was little, I always did lots of physical activities and even though I am 33 years old now I find it impossible to give up this lifestyle.

I live with my wife and our 5-year old son in a small town in the province of Vercelli called Cigliano; it’s the perfect place to ride because I have everything I need to train within a few kilometres: from uphill roads that go to Val d’Aosta, to the Biellesi Alps, to the valleys of Turin, to the hilly terrain of the Monferrato to the long flat stretches of the Padania Plains.

I like using a street bike, but my greatest passion is MTB. I compete with the Brianza team called “Lissone MTB”, a squad with a fantastic cycling tradition and with which I participate in various competitions in the marathon specialty. In addition to cycling, Alpine skiing and skeet shooting, which was the first sport I picked up as a kid, I also really like free dive fishing but in my free time I also like trying my hand at cooking, much to the joy of my wife.

In my daily life I am a delivery man, a stressful job that is also physically challenging. So, cycling keeps me in shape and helps me clear my head after all those hours spent driving and delivering packages throughout Piedmont.

Cycling has become a passion for me but it is also above all else a lifestyle. In fact, to climb a Dolomite pass or finish a marathon race you can never stop riding, and even though fatigue and lactic acid are constant assailants you just have to grit your teeth and power through it. This is a great lesson to apply as well to everyday life, where nobody gives you anything and everything depends on your tolerance for fatigue and your own will and determination.

Having just started riding a few years ago, I didn’t really know all the brands that exist in the world of cycling.

Then one day I went into a shop and I was pleasantly surprised by the design of the Aspide Carbon FX. Not only is it one of the most appealing saddles from an aesthetic standpoint; I have to say that I immediately felt comfortable atop this saddle and I’ve never had ischial or prostate problems.

With this, my “story”, I hope I’ve inspired someone to hop on a bike. You won’t regret it.