Hi, everyone,

My name is Fausto Masnada, I’m 26 years old and I’m a rider for Team Androni Giocattoli Sidermec. This year in the Giro d’Italia I managed to capture a stage victory, dominating the fraction with arrival in San Giovanni Rotondo. However, this success started way back. I started sweating it out on a bike at the age of 6, thanks to a classmate who convinced me to try out for this sport. After two races, my friend moved on to other sports, while from that day on, I never looked back.

All through the Rookie class, I was lucky enough to compete on teams where the most important initiative was to have fun. This allowed me to grow without pressure and fully enjoy this sport. Then, as the years went by, other, more purely technical aspects naturally started to become part of my reality: tactics, physical training, etc… In 2014 I started my career in the Under 23 class for Team Colpack. Unfortunately, a bout with mononucleosis and other physical problems prevented me from reaching my full potential in that first phase. Fortunately, I managed to resolve all my physical problems and I started to achieve some good results, like the victory in the Piccolo Giro di Lombardia.

In 2017, I was enlisted by Gianni Savio at Team Androni Giocattoli Sidermec, a team that helped me grow both as a rider and as a man. This year I have been reaping the benefits of all the hard work I did in the first two years. I managed to make my mark in two stages at the Tour of the Alps in April, and then in May I had an exciting breakthrough at the Giro d’Italia, with the conquest of the Cima Coppi.

In November I will turn 26, and by now I’ve realized the type of rider I want to become. I am specifically training to be a rider for the primo stage races and my goal is to soon score a TOP 10 spot in a Major Tour. It isn’t easy being a rider, you are often in retreats to prepare for the season’s main events, sacrificing time with family and loved ones. It isn’t easy being away from home for so many weeks, but I will be able to do this at the most for another 10 years, so I have to hang tough and make some sacrifices in this phase of my life if I want to stay at certain levels. When I’m not at the races I lead a pretty quiet life; I like spending time with my girlfriend and friends. I really love travelling, even though it isn’t easy for me to find much time to pursue this hobby.

By now it’s been two years that my team and I have been pedalling on Selle San Marco products. Personally, I use the Aspide Racing Pro-Series Open Fit model, a very comfortable saddle that is also appealing from an aesthetic standpoint. A few days ago, I visited the Selle San Marco company headquarters in Rossano Veneto and I was very happy with the gift that the company gave me: a completely customized saddle celebrating my victory at the Giro d’Italia. I am thrilled with all the love they’ve been showing me.

Now I am starting the second part of this cycling season. After a very positive start, I am confident that the team and I will be able to do just as good a job in the upcoming months as well.

Keep following me! Here’s a shout-out to all my fans, from the “Ell from Brambilla”!