Hi, everyone,

My name is Jessica Pellizzaro and I am part of Team MTB Trek-Selle San Marco. This passion for MTB was handed down to me by my father and my brother. Every Sunday I would go to the races with them, so day by day, I also started to get into this sport.

I started pedalling when I was 8 years old. I would go on rides with my dad on the hills around our home, until one day I decided that I, too wanted to participate in an actual race. From there I understood that I loved the world of competitions and I continued racing with my brother, Fabio.

Historically, cycling has been a predominantly male sport, but I am really happy to see how, in the last several years, significantly more and more women are getting into this activity. In fact, I remember that in my first races there really weren’t a lot of women on the starting line, while now those numbers are continuing to grow and the levels of performance have increased considerably.

In my day job I am a nurse and I work in an associated medical clinic. I like this job and it is very satisfying; plus, it also allows me to have plenty of free time to myself, which I often use to hop on the saddle of my mtb. I consider myself a sporty gal and this sport keeps me moving; and at the same time it provides beautiful contact with nature. Then my days are full with Irene, my 1-year old niece; I really enjoy spending time with her.

In 2019 I haven’t participated in any races with my team. After last season I felt the need to “unplug” for a while, and I listened to what my body was telling me. After several months off the bike I had recharged my energy, so around April I got back onto the saddle and returned to my beloved Trek. At first, I wanted to get right back into competition, but after the break it was hard for me to find the right pedalling rhythm and so, with the exception of a couple of races close to home, this year I have hardly been racing.                                                                                       However, I am still a member of Team Trek – Selle San Marco, and I thank them a lot for the understanding and support they’ve shown me during this break.

I really like Selle San Marco products. Personally, I use the Aspide Narrow model. I think it’s a comfortable saddle, even after hours on a bike, fantastic to use both on and off road. For us ladies, the saddle is an essential accessory, especially for those of us who ride long distances. After hours on a bike, if you don’t use the proper saddle based on your physical shape, there is a higher risk of irritation, or even worse, cysts, which are not only painful but they also force you to sit things out for long periods of time. This is why it is important that every woman chooses the saddle that is right for her.

I think I am very lucky: I love my sport and I like my nursing job, so in the future I couldn’t ask for anything more: to be a nurse and a cyclist!

Cheers to all of you,