Kilian Bron



Hello everyone,

My name is Kilian Bron, I am 27 years old and I am a French enduro/mtb rider. I compete for the Intensive Mavic Collective, a team we created in 2017 with Isabeau Courdurier (Women’s Enduro Vice-Champion) and Cédric Carrez (our Team Manager). Besides racing, I am also a media manager and I handle communications for some of my sponsors.

I think I’m an easy-going guy but I’m very passionate. When I like something, like enduro for example, I always pursue it with plenty of passion and enthusiasm. I am really lucky to be able to travel all over the world thanks to this sport. I could say that Enduro has become my job, but it is much more than a mere profession for me. When I’m not at the races, I like to spend my time at home with my friends and girlfriend, enjoying the beautiful place where I live, Annecy, in the French Alps.

I started riding on the lovely MTB trails near my house when I was 15 years old, thanks to a group of friends who had already started practicing Enduro. After my first downhill I realized that this would become my sport. Every day I wanted to hop on the saddle of my bike, and this passion has lasted until today. However, it’s not only Enduro, but also road riding, BMX and MTB… I don’t concentrate on just one specialty, I simply love riding bikes. Thanks to My Bike I feel free; I am surrounded by nature and it’s a great way to help me forget any problems. When I’m not on my bike I really love skiing; it was the first sport I learned as a kid. I am always looking for new inspiration and I’m constantly developing new ideas for my next adventures. As I mentioned before, I’m a pretty laid-back guy, but maybe that’s not all together true. There is a hyperactive kid hidden inside me.

In order to compete in this sport it is essential to know how to handle a bike, but you also need to be a complete athlete in order to go fast. Even though we ride predominantly downhill, we have to be in shape in order to push hard on the pedals and stay firmly on the saddle of our bike. Once in a while we use chair lifts to get to the starting point, but sometimes I like to make it up without any help, relying only on my own strengths.

As for the future, besides continuing to train and enjoy practicing Enduro, I would like to help young riders take up this activity. Guys who know how to go beyond the mere sports result. This year I have already started to share my projects in videos and photos but it is still not enough to explain to people what Enduro means to me, so I would like to continue down this path.

I’ve had the chance to test some Selle San Marco products and I immediately felt comfortable on the new GND model with gel inserts; it’s a really comfortable saddle and it allows me to express myself to the fullest. I noticed right away that this company works with passion and professionalism, just like I do when I get on my bike.

Keep following me on my social media networks; you, too could begin to develop a passion for this fantastic sport.

Warmest wishes to everyone,