Hi, everyone,

My name is Michele Bernardi. I am a businessman, but I am particularly passionate about ultracycling. I started bicycle racing when I was 8 years old. I have to say that as a young kid I was really fast and I even won several races. However, my career ended at the age of 24. Bicycles were my passion but as I grew older I realized that it wasn’t really the competition that appealed to me; I just wanted to experience cycling in a different way. For me, every training session was a journey to discover different places and find new routes. Above all else, the bicycle was a means for me to get around, more than part of a competitive sport.

After my experience as an amateur cyclist, I started working in the family business. We produced craftsman bicycles under the Bernardi brand, and we exported all over the world. I have always been a great art aficionado and I was trying to apply my artistic creativity at the company. Our bikes always stood out for their design, which placed an emphasis on beauty.

During this time, I started to cultivate my passion for ultracycling. Even now I ride on Bernardi bikes, which I have fitted with the Aspide and Shortfit Supercomfort models. These saddles allow me to pedal for hundreds of kilometres daily, without experiencing any sense of discomfort. I am very curious to test the new Allroad, a model developed for the Gravel world.

In the winter season I often pedal in South America. I have to admit that sometimes the journeys I take on can be unpredictable, because I don’t use technology, GPS, etc., rather I rely completely on the locals, who show me the best routes and itineraries. However, it isn’t always easy to meet someone along the way, especially when I decided to cross the Atacama Desert, which is considered the driest place on earth. In South America I have also crossed the Andes, surrounded by amazingly beautiful scenery at an altitude of 4-5000 metres. Even though these adventures can be risky, they make me love cycling and what it represents for me even more. My last enterprise dates back to just a few days ago, when I rode 460 km between Trentino and Austria in just one day.

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Warmest greetings to all of you,