Omar Di Felice



Hello, everyone,

I am Omar Di Felice, and I am an “Ultracyclist”

I fell in love with cycling when I was 13 years old. I was a big fan of Marco Pantani’s and admired his sports accomplishments, particularly his amazing victory at Aprica in 1994.

I, too, managed to ride in the pro league for a year (first with Amore e Vita and then with Team Nippo-Endeka), but deep down I felt a need to try something a little more “extreme”.

My first race as an “Ultracyclist” was the Race Across the Alps in 2011. My goodness, how exhausting! At the 390 km mark, with “just” 143 km to go to the arrival, I had to wave the white flag. Since it was the first time I had competed in an event like this, I could be satisfied in any case. The goal for 2012 was to manage to finish this test, one of the hardest races in the world. So, after targeted and gruelling training, the big day finally came and the final result went beyond all the highest expectations: first among the Italians and fifth place overall.

After this performance, I had an idea: my “road” could be in Ultracycling!


Seven years have already gone by since that first adventure in the Race Across the Alps. I’ve ridden an inestimable number of kilometres, but the adrenaline and excitement that I feel on the eve of every great adventure is still there.

In these first few weeks of 2018 I’ve already successfully completed the solitary adventure called “Iceland Unlimited”, pedalling 1200 km with no technical support, and it took me 9 days to circumnavigate the Ring Road.

But now I’m ready for a new challenge… Canada, here I come!

On Monday, March 5, I set off from Whitehorse for an incredibly long adventure across the Arctic regions of the Yukon and the Northwest territories, a journey that will end in Tuktoyaktuk after 1500 km. It will be the first time that I pass the Arctic Polar Circle by bicycle, surrounded by untouched nature that makes the scenery around you seem even more immense. I’m expected to arrive in Tuktoyaktuk on Thursday, March 15, but… these are places where the weather factor is essential and there are unexpected surprises around every corner. However, the main goal is still to complete the route. If it should take me more time I certainly wouldn’t consider it a defeat. The schedule foresees me pedalling for about 200 km a day; this because we have already identified the structures that could host us to spend the night. If unexpected events should come up along the route, I have everything I need with me to set up camp and take shelter from the cold polar nights.

You can continue following my adventure on social media with the hashtag #ThroughTheArcticCanada

Greetings from Canada,



Omar di Felice was born in Rome on July 21, 1981.
Selle San Marco has always supported Omar, ever since the beginning of his career as an “Ultracyclist”. For his sports feats the Roman athlete has chosen the “Aspide Supercomfort” seat, perfect for those cyclists who spend a lot of time on their bikes.