Samuele Porro



Hello everyone,

My name is Samuele Porro and I’m an athlete from Team Trek-Selle San Marco. I’ve been racing MTB since I was 13 years old. I got into this sport after suffering a serious injury to my knee that prevented me from pursuing track and field athletics, which was my first real passion. My physical therapist suggested I try the world of MTB in order to strengthen the joint, and it was love at first sight. From then on I started competing in all the youth categories until I broke in to racing for teams on the Elite level. I’ve been wearing the Team Trek-Selle San Marco jersey for three years now, and this year in the Sestriere I celebrated my third Italian marathon championship, my first win with this team.

In fact, I had also captured the Italian title in 2010 in the Under 23 class, and then the Elite titles in 2014-2015 with my previous Team. In addition to the Italian titles, throughout the years I have made my mark in races like: Roc Marathon, Dolomiti sbk, Grand Raid Verbier, Forestière, Gimondi bike and a stage in the famous Cape Epic in South Africa.

As in all sports, dedication and training are essential if you want to achieve important goals. I usually spend between 20 and 30 hours a week on my bike and I follow a meticulous training schedule, although it varies quite a bit depending on the racing period. During the season I am often on retreat with my team mates, or travelling for the races abroad.

However, the routine doesn’t change much; a typical hard day of training is set up as follows: wake up in the morning and have a big breakfast. Usually after 1, at the most 2 hours, you get on your bike for 5/6 hours. Generally, when there is a heavy workload you need to take breaks: a coffee, a piece of cake and then you’re off again. By the time you get back, you eat lunch at almost the same time you’d typically have a snack. The afternoon comes down to 2/3 hours of rest.

To stay at a certain level it is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s eating habits or daily routines.

I am definitely happy with the results I’ve achieved in this 2018. Together with the team we opted for a calendar aimed at reaching three peaks of fitness: in March/April (2nd European MX) June/July, when I captured the Italian title, and September/October, when I raced with the Italian National blue jersey and made it to fifth place in the Marathon World Championships at Auronzo di Cadore. The 3Epic, the route where the Worlds were held, is really fantastic, perhaps even better than the Roc d’Azur in France, which for years was my favourite race, and in which I will be competing on Friday, October 12th. Then on Sunday I will close out my season at the Tramun in Spain.

In the following days the Team and I will get together to set our goals for 2019.

In all of my races I can always count on Selle San Marco, which is not only one of the team’s main partners, they also provide the saddles for all the athletes on the squad. I’ve equipped my bike with the Mantra Superleggera model, a perfect saddle both during competition as well as long training rides. In fact, the Mantra is the result of an ergonomic study created specifically to offer a saddle with a flat profile that can also support the demands of high performance.

I hope to see you on the off-road trails, and here’s some advice for all you young riders…have fun, MTB is a sport that first and foremost should thrill you and make you smile.