9 July 2018


Summer has great new things in store for Selle San Marco. The company based in Romano d’Ezzelino has decided to reveal their updated logo for the most important stakeholders from the cycling sector attending Eurobike Friedrichshafen.

Selle San Marco is projecting itself into the future with a new visual identity, a symbol of a brand that is moving forward but which at the same time will never forget the heritage it has acquired in more than 80 years of history. In fact, the new logo contains elements that make up the DNA of Selle San Marco: the brand’s roots are represented by the stylized blue and black colours already used in one of the first company logos, while modern and future trends are emphasized with a clean, minimal and easily recognizable design. This revision of the company logo aims to transmit the iconic details that have always distinguished Selle San Marco products.

In addition to the new company logo, Selle San Marco also unveiled their new 2019 collection, featuring new attractive graphics that perfectly reflect the brand’s new philosophy, which is based on the concept of “Performance in Comfort”.

For non-professional cyclists whose goal is to indulge in a passion for cycling, either alone or with friends, this new dimension can supply a range of products which are at once highly performing and comfortable, without sacrificing an attention to design. These products have been developed for discerning users who pay attention to the technical details of a product and who want to match their physical performance with an element of discovering new territory and sharing their passion for two wheels. Therefore, special attention is paid to the quality of materials and their hand crafted assembly, giving priority to comfort in the saddle.

One of the leading models in the 2019 collection is the new Off-Road saddle called GND.

Design and ergonomics in the new GND were conceived specifically to achieve the perfect mix between areas of release and areas of support. The front part is wider and softer compared to other saddles in the collection, offering increased comfort, even in more aggressive positions (for example, on climbs). The design, ergonomics and width of the back part of the saddle offer perfect support for the cyclist, even when they’re not pushing hard on the pedals.

Its features and design make the GND saddle particularly suited for the off road sector. The saddle’s structure is open in the middle to alleviate pressure, while full-fit padding (no hole) prevents riding pants from getting muddy. The padding features a unique double density to optimize areas of support (front and back), complete with two “shock-absorber” inserts to reduce the vibrations generated from off-road terrain and transmitted from the bicycle to the rider. The GND model is also available with Gel inserts, a version particularly suited for the E-MTB field. GND is also upholstered with dual materials: the resistant “microfeel” for areas of support and two “woven” areas that guarantee maximum abrasion and scratch resistance on the sides of the saddle itself.
The new GND model will be available in the next few weeks at all Selle San Marco dealers.

To visit the Selle San Marco stand at Eurobike: Booth B5 – 116