15 May 2018


Team Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec, a team sponsored by Selle San Marco, is turning out to be the surprise revelation in this first part of the 2018 Giro d’Italia. With the inaugural time trial in Jerusalem as the sole exception, the Team managed by Gianni Savio has stood out as a major player in every stagemanaging to get into all the right breaks that lit up the race day after day for the 101st edition of the Corsa Rosa, thus proving themselves well worthy of the Wild Card invite they received for the Giro.

In the second stage held in Israel, from Haifa to Tel Aviv, the day’s break took shape with an attack by Davide Ballerini, who also scored the intermediate prime at Acres. After re-joining the group, the sprinter from Team Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec, Manuele Belletti closed out the final sprint won by Elia Viviani (Quick-Step Floors) in eighth place. The following day, the pink caravan’s Israeli adventure came to an end with the stage from Be’er Sheva to Eilat. Marco Frapporti carved out a major role for himself in a break that lasted over 200 Km. The fraction was later dominated again by Elia Viviani (Quick-Step Floors) in the sprint, with Manuel Belletti managing to score another place in the final top ten, closing out in seventh place.

After a day off and the transfer to Italy, the Giro set off again from Catania, Sicily. The 33 year old Marco Frapporti lit up the first part of the race, clinching an intermediate prime and passing into second place on both GPMs featured in the stage. The next day, in the stage that went from Agrigento to Santa Ninfa, Sicily, the biggest star was Andrea Vendrame, who broke away from the group at km 0, together with another three companions in adventure. His break came to an end with just 3 km to go to the finish line, after the group gave an impressive chase. In the tortuous and difficult final at Santa Ninfa, Francesco Gavazzi battled it out with the best of them, ending up in seventh place.

In the last fraction on Sicilian territory, with the arrival on Mt. Etna, Francesco Gavazzi and Marco Frapporti managed to make it into the most important break of the day, together with thirty or so other riders (including the day’s winner, Esteban Chaves). In the seventh stage from Pizzo a Praia to Mara, the day’s fugitive for Team Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec was Davide Ballerini. The Colombian climber Rodolfo Torres attacked from the very first km, remaining in a break for almost 160 km during the stage that set out from Praia a Mare and finished at Montevergine di Mercogliano after 209 Km.

Finally, in the major stage from Pesco Sannita to Gran Sasso d’Italia, the big star was Fausto Masnada. The climber from Bergamo, who rides for Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec, first made it into the fourteen-man break that dominated the stage; then he took off solo when there were still 20 km to go to the arrival at Campo Imperatore, at the top of Gran Sasso. The best group managed to catch up to Masnada with only 3 Km to go to the finish line… Masnada just missed the mark. After the first day off, the Giro d’Italia set off again today from Penne towards Gualdo Tadino.

Thanks to the eight consecutive days of breakaways, Team Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec is ahead in the special “breakaway rankings” with Marco Frapporti, and they are now strongly in the lead for the “Prime classification”, with Davide Ballerini in first place and Marco Frapporti in second place.

The brave riders on Team Androni Giocattoli – Sidermec can count on Selle San Marco for their adventure on the pink roads of the Giro. In fact, their bicycles are all fitted with the Aspide, Mantra and Shortfit models, the top of the line saddles in Selle San Marco’s road racing collection.