19 November 2018


Selle San Marco is broadening its horizons in a series of important business partnerships with some of the most prestigious producers of bicycle frames on the market.
Selle San Marco has developed a line of specific products for various bike makers, who can customise our saddles with different colours and graphics. These can be inspired  by the bike companies themselves, or our own design division is available to lend support.   

By acting on these new co-marketing strategies, Selle San Marco aims to further expand their exposure in national and international markets to cover all two wheel sectors: Urban, Gravel, Road, Off Road and Fixed. Several world famous and popular brands have already chosen to collaborate with  Selle San Marco, including: Wilier Triestina, Canyon, Look Cycle International, Time Sport, Kuota, Bottecchia, Lee Cougan, Cicli Basso, MMR, BH, Koga and Titici.

“For Selle San Marco to be able to join our products with such famous bicycle producers provides a great opportunity to expand the brand’s International expozure,” says Riccardo Cecchin – OEM Sales Manager. “Everyone knows that in addition to the frame, a bicycle comes  assembled with lots of  individual components.  This initiative will supply quality OEM saddles that can contribute to helping bicycle manufacturers market a finished product that their customers will recognise and appreciate.”