5 September 2019


Over the last several days, Selle San Marco has hit the scene at Eurobike Friedrichshafen, the most important and famous cycling expo in Europe. Sector stakeholders and visitors have been able to discover the entire Selle San Marco collection for 2020. The company is offering lots of new options for both the road and off-road sectors.

The new Shortfit Superleggera has finally arrived on the market, joining the design and ergonomics of the winning Shortfit with the aspects of maximum lightness of the Superleggera structure: this is the perfect combination of the finest materials available on the market, to guarantee road bike fans the highest quality experience and performance. The frame of this craftsman-made saddle is produced in Carbon FX and the shell is in Full Carbon. The seat is padded with the all-new Pexfoam, covered by a Microfeel Suprlight material, making this saddle unique for its design and comfort. Its shortened length provides proper support in the generous back end and perfect pressure distribution on the front part. The wide central opening (Open-Fit) ensures maximum comfort and support.

The entirely new Allroad saddle was also introduced at Eurobike. This saddle was developed for bikers who enjoy taking on different terrain, like Gravel. It is designed with a very narrow front end to provide maximum freedom of the legs while pedalling, thus preventing bothersome rubbing and chafing. The Allroad also features an ample area of ischiatic support, with a slight lift on the edge of the back end to provide optimal support for the cyclist during long rides. The wide central opening ensures adequate blood circulation and prevents uncomfortable pressure. Finally, the padding features double density with increasing levels of thickness to offer a pleasant feeling on off-road terrain.
The Racing and CarbonFX versions feature a Woven material on the sides of the cover, a functional aspect that’s important to protect the saddle in case of falls or scrapes against rough surfaces.

For Off-Road fans, Selle San Marco offers two evolutions of the GND model: GND Open and GND Supercomfort.

The GND Open saddle is the evolution of its sister the GND, and is designed with lightness as a priority. The ergonomic surfaces of the ischiatic area are the same but the padding has been improved; it is now completely depressurized due to the new central opening, and there is an innovative combination of materials. The new range of these saddles features the Carbon FX and a Full Carbon frame. The result is a saddle that’s in a class by itself when it comes to lightness and performance. The GND Open-fit is available in two widths: wide and narrow (145mm and 135mm). The Racing and CarbonFX versions feature the special Woven material on the sides of the cover to protect the saddle in case of falls or scrapes against rough surfaces.

Considering the particular success of this frame, now there is also the new GND Supercomfort version which offers off-road fans all the main features of this impressive package: more generous padding in double density, a mesh cover that keeps surfaces clean, an extra layer of Gel and the addition of two shock absorber cushions located where the ischiatic bones come into contact with the saddle.
Furthermore, GND Supercomfort presents an innovative OPEN SHELL technology, which provides maximum pressure relief with its central opening. The cover is closed with a special “CORE ZONE” membrane, which provides stability and cleanliness and serves as both a filter as well as a cushion.

The new models will be available coming soon at all Selle San Marco dealers.

To find out more about the new Selle San Marco products at the Eurobike expo, visit our stand,
B3-200 (C/O Grofa).